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Here are some slideshows showing a few of the projects I've done over the years. Some, like the instrument cleanings, are very common. Others might be once in a lifetime!

Uniball Conversion Edge Style Brace Conversion Opening Up Rotary Valve for Better Response Professional Trombone Slide Servicing Miraphone 186 Tuba Bell Vintage Bach Strad Cleaning a Lewis Double Horn Keyed Bugle Horn Screwbell Conversion Bach Thayer Conversion Custom Work

Uniball Conversion

A recent example of a Uniball conversion on a trombone.

  • Trombone Uniball Conversion

  • Disassembling Valve

  • Pre-Cleaning Instrument

  • Sonically Cleaning Instrument

  • Scrubbing Rotary Valve

  • Scrubbing Receiver

  • Scratch Brushing Valve

  • Inserting New Bumpers

  • Adapting Stop Arm for Uniball Conversion

  • Filing Stop Arm

  • Drilling Stop Arm in Lathe

  • Nearly Completed Stop Arm

  • Assembling Uniball to Stop Arm

  • Fabricating Stop Arm Extension

  • Preparing to Braze Stop Arm Extension

  • Brazing Stop Arm Extension

  • Sawing Thumb Lever

  • Prepared Thumb Lever and Extension, Ready for Brazing

  • Brazing Thumb Lever and Extension

  • Buffing Extended Thumb Lever

  • Finished Extended Thumb Lever

  • Finished Uniball Conversion

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Edge Style Brace Conversion

Removing existing braces and replacing them with edge style braces.

  • Removing Existing Braces

  • Removing Existing Braces

  • Making Edge Style Brace

  • Aligning Edge Style Brace

  • Soldering Edge Style Brace

  • Finished Edge Style Brace

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Opening Up Rotary Valve for Better Response

Valve work: Opening up for better response.

  • Measuring Valve Before Grinding

  • Grinding Valve

  • Measuring Valve After Grinding

  • Finished Uniball Conversion, Edge Style Brace Conversion, And Open Rotary Valve.

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Professional Trombone Slide Servicing

Delicate work on a trombone slide.

  • Removing Felt From Cork Barrel

  • Removing Waterkey

  • Removing Slide Crook

  • Removed Slide Crook

  • Removing Slide Crook Dents

  • Removing Slide Crook Dents

  • Removing Outside Slide Dents

  • Checking Alignment for Inside Slide Tube

  • Checking Alignment for Outside Slide Tube

  • Measuring Outside Slide Tube for Parallelism

  • Measuring Outside Slide Tube for Parallelism

  • Soldering Slide Crook Onto Outside Slide Tubes

  • Buffing Slide Crook

  • Flex Honing Slide Tube

  • Polishing Slide Tube

  • Degreasing Slide Tube

  • Final Swabbing of Slide Tube

  • Buffing The Outside Sleeves of the Inside Slide Tube

  • Finished Slide

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Miraphone 186 Tuba Bell

Here is a recent repair done on an older Miraphone 186 BBb tuba. The instrument had suffered a pretty nasty impact and we were able to get it back looking and playing great!

Vintage Bach Strad

These are some shots of a vintage 100,XXX series Bach Strad Model 37 that another one of our loyal customers brought in to us. It had some serious bell dents and a nice coat of tarnish, but we got it looking great again.

Cleaning a Lewis Double Horn

The 90-gallon ultrasonic cleaner starts the process of thorough cleaning. Then, all instruments - from student models to custom professional instruments - undergo extensive cleaning and polishing by hand.

  • Putting horn in ultrasonic tank

  • Ultrasonic cleaning at work

  • Clean the horn

  • Brass brush valve

  • Scrubbing tubes

  • Blow dry horn

  • Blow dry parts

  • Reassemble valves

  • Making sure valves spin freely

  • Installing new bumpers

  • Checking valve alignment

  • Polishing

  • Removing minor dents

  • Restring valves

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Keyed Bugle

Here is an interesting restoration of a keyed bugle for a client.

  • Keyed Bugle before

  • Keyed Bugle disassembled

  • Keyed Bugle disassembled (another view)

  • Finished Keyed Bugle view 1

  • Finished Keyed Bugle view 2

  • Finished Keyed Bugle view 3

  • Finished Keyed Bugle view 4

  • Finished Keyed Bugle view 5

  • Finished Keyed Bugle view 6

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Horn Screwbell Conversion

This gallery demonstrates a screwbell conversion we did on a Holton 180.

  • Disassembly of horn and prepping bell

  • Bell is prepped and ready to proceed

  • Solder bottom ring to bell before the cut

  • With bell ring now in place, the bell is ready to be cut

  • Bell is cut and ready for next step

  • Top ring ready for solder

  • Top ring is now soldered onto bell throat

  • Rings have now been soldered and buffed for cleanup

  • The rest of the horn is prepped and ready to be re-soldered to the bell

  • Re-soldering braces...

  • More soldering...

  • Screwbell is now complete

  • More completed screwbell

  • Finished product

  • Ready for its new case!!

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Bach Thayer Conversion

This was a conversion of a straight Bach 42 to include a new Thayer valve assembly.

Other Custom Work

Here is another example.

  • Custom thumb saddle for first valve trumpet slide

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